SharpMinds Portugal

In the city where the sun always shines, you will find friendly locals, winding streets, old buildings, rooftops and viewing points on every corner and many travellers that never want to leave. Neither did we.

Be inspired by beautiful
and tech savvy Lisbon

Living is Lisbon feels like a forever holiday. Working in Lisbon can feel the same way. With a large international community, it is easy to meet and be inspired by many different cultures. It is a top destination for digital nomads and the world’s leading Tech Conference is held here every year: Web Summit. Lisbon nowadays has a strong tech crowd and provides a great environment to meet others to collaborate, exchange knowledge and have fun with.

A combination of
work and pleasure

Our Lisbon office is located where Web Summit once begun: in the centre of the city where a historical building houses tech companies and where we aim to always learn from each other and grow with each other. There are plenty of relevant events, workshops, meetups to attend, but we also make sure to get our coffee with pastel de natafor breakfast and share some imperiais in the sun during happy hour. Saúde!

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Daphne Frühmann
🇵🇹 COO

“We are always looking for new talent at SharpMinds!”