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Welcome to SharpMinds Netherlands! From our beautiful office in Amersfoort, we are ready to help you find the development team of your dreams. Read on to learn more about our office and our history in software development.

Born from success in 2013

Our Dutch SharpMinds office has its origins in 2013, and emerged from the success of HelloFlex group. HelloFlex group has been a leading supplier of software for the temporary staffing sector since 2000. In 2008 the desire arose to expand the existing software product with a cloud platform: HelloFlex. An ambitious plan, which required extra development capacity.

After an unsuccessful collaboration with a Romanian development party, the collaboration was started with a small team of remote developers in Western Ukraine. Due to the success of HelloFlex, this group quickly grew into a large team with dedicated remote developers. Based on the conviction that the success of HelloFlex can also work for other Dutch companies, SharpMinds was acquired by HelloFlex group in 2013. Since then, several Dutch companies have been realizing their development ambitions with our remote teams.

Finding remote developers from "the keistad"

SharpMinds Netherlands is located in the Amersfoort, also known as “the keistad” (translated: rock city), in the middle of the Netherlands. Just outside the picturesque historical center of this city, you will find our office in a hip and upcoming former industrial area. Surrounded by creative entrepreneurs, local beer brewers and barbecue restaurants, every day we find the inspiration needed to find the right developers for our Dutch clients. A good listening ear and our in-house matching technology helps us to do this in the best possible way. And, not to forget, our unique industrial-style building, which was once owned by NORIT. Are you in the area? Feel free to walk in!

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Liudmyla Goi
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Head of Recruitment

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